Carboblockers detox slimming tea

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This tea is an Amylase inhibitor and it works by helping to prevent starch (carbohydrates) from being absorbed in the body by blocking amylase (the enzymes for carbohydrate absorption). Carbohydrates would therefore pass through the body undigested.

Helpful for sugar control and cosmetically for weight loss.

Overall Rating: 4.5
Terrific Shirt, Exactly What I Wanted.

Alan Lewis 3 days ago

The Hanes sweatshirt was precisely what I wanted except for the color which is better than what I thought I was getting. This order went perfectly, so much so that another two are being shipped to me right now. It is way too early to say anything about durability; but otherwise, there is no way this order could have gone any better than it did. If you are interested in a pretty traditional long-sleeve sweatshirt, you would do well to give this one serious consideration.

Very comfortable.

Amy 5 days ago

Fits slightly larger than expected, but gets longer, not just wider. (For reference, I am female, 5'8'', 170lbs, and this sweatshirt fits around my 36J chest with room to spare, coming to rest at about crotch level)